The employees’ confidence is the best evidence of personnel policy PJSC "Concern Stirol" successful implementation

The management of PJSC «Concern Stirol» shares the important belief whichever high-tech sites and equipment are, the core is personality, skilled specialist, professional. For this reason the enterprise provides the employees with comfortable and safe working places forming the corporate culture for more effective implementation of professional skills and talents development. The concern carries out the innovative personnel training and retraining programs. An integral part of the employees’ policy is personnel reserve formation.  

PJSC «Concern Stirol» is a city-forming plant and the major employer in the region of presence. Today more than 4500 people work at the concern and most of them were trained for the professions required at the production site. The key task of employees’ policy is young specialist attraction to the enterprise.  In recent years, due to the systematic work the age structure of personnel has changed: the employees’ average age lowered from 42 in 2010 to 38 in the jubilee year. Another important focus for PJSC «Concern Stirol» is to provide the financial support to staff, large and low-income families, pensioners, war and labor veterans.

New technology trainings and implementation is an integral part of the day to day activity