Mineral fertilizers production complex

Ammonia production


Plant No.1 (site AM-76)

United Ammonia Plant

section No.1-B

section No.1-V


Urea Production


United Urea Plant

Section No.1

Section No.2


Ammonium nitrate production


Ammonium nitrate and ammonia compression shop (AN and AC)


Nitrite and nitrate salts production


Sodium nitrate production shop

Sodium nitrite production shop

Non concentrated nitric acid production


Urea-ammonium nitrate production

Polymers production and processing

Organic production


Polystyrene production

Disposal containers and packaging production

Construction goods production


Service departments


Repair and renovation shop

Repair and mechanical shop

Monitor and measure equipment and automation shop

Electricity supply shop

Railway shopх

Heat and water supply shop

Quality department

Construction Management

Transport shop

Communications department

Improvement and landscaping shop